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Chaotic Containers: 9 of the best and worst things found in storage units

05 Oct 2016

Storage containers – sounds pretty normal doesn’t it? Maybe you have a load of desks and chairs that you don’t need yet because the office isn’t relocating for couple of months, so you hire a storage unit. Maybe you go all out at Christmas and you need to store all your decorations throughout the year to keep your fairy lights and artificial trees safe. This all seems really straightforward. No one would bat an eyelid, would they? However, over time, people have come across some pretty bizarre and some pretty impressive stuff. I suppose it can’t be normal all the time – life would be really boring, otherwise, wouldn’t it? Here are some of the weird and wonderful things people have discovered in storage containers:

– A guy in Florida bid on a container, without knowing what was inside. It turns out that a whole load of space equipment, like a NASA rocket and countdown clock was in there. I bet the bidder was over the moon to discover those!

– In the year 2000, Nicholas Cage rang the police stating one of his comic books, worth over one million dollars, had been stolen from his home in LA. It wasn’t until ten years later when a man bid and bought a storage unit and found said comic book in there. Cage has since been reunited with the comic. How it got there – no one knows. Maybe it was Batman.

– Joe Jackson, the father of the King of Pop, MJ, owned a load of storage containers. In them were around 250 original songs by Michael, himself. However, because these songs were recorded in between different contracts, no recording company can legally claim them and release them. They’re apparently worth millions of dollars, too!

– In America, someone bought a storage trunk for $400. Inside was $24,000 in cash, however every note had the face on the bill cut out of it. Fortunately, the U.S. Treasury does accept faceless bills. They might get some strange looks though.

– A guy in Long Island, New York, back in the late 80’s purchased a storage container for just $100 and it just happened to contain one of the original James Bond submarine Lotus sports cars from the film The Spy Who Loved Me. It was only in 2013 that the car was then sold for a huge amount of $865,000.

– After the death of his uncle, a man discovered a 1937 Bugatti 57S in storage, in England. The original owner was a surgeon who had simply forgotten about it. The car was one of only a few of the original super cars every made.

– When the owner of a storage unit told a family in Florida that the container was going to be sold on due to late and missed rent payments, they stated that the enclosed contents could not be put up for auction. It turned out that they had been keeping the corpse of their Grandma in there, tucked away in a blue casket, and had been doing for seventeen years. Seems like skeletons in the closet is more than just a figure of speech sometimes.

– While discovering what in a storage container they were thinking of purchasing, a couple were suddenly attacked by thousands of bees. The previous owner thought it would be a clever idea to store beehives in their unit. It was safe to say that the would-be buyers weren’t exactly buzzing about the situation.

– Beautiful stranger? Maybe not. When Robert Dewey Hoskin’s – the stalker of singer, Madonna – storage unit was found and opened up, there were too many creepy things to name inside: headless baby dolls, dozens of knives, a clown mask, a Barbie backpack… maybe we should stop there.

I think we can easily say that there are some strange and brilliant things that have been found in storage units. Some things that you’d be pleased to discover, and some things that could scare you to your core. Either way, you can’t deny that it keeps things interesting, doesn’t it?

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