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container hire hull a moral dilemma

22 Jul 2010

So a guy calls up last night, just as most of us are looking at the clock and heading out for night. I picked up an accent as he started talking, but he was pretty out of breath and talking very fast so it wasn’t for a few minutes that I realised he was from the Hull area.

“I’m looking for Hull container hire… need it urgently… can you get it out to me tonight?”

Now we’re always an accommodating bunch, so we started scrambling around to see what we could do for the chap. But sadly, as we were pulling together the details it became apparent that we wouldn’t be able to help.

See, the panicked and out of breath guy was looking for a container in which to store a large consignment of luxury electronics goods. For delivery to a part of the world that’s, lets just say, not the sort of place you’d immediately expect a global luxury electronics company to be shipping such a valuable haul. Our ears pricked up. And we were pretty swiftly making a call of our own to the Metropolitan Police…

Container hire for the wrong reasons...

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