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container hire in suffolk thats as safe as houses

23 Aug 2010

Admittedly a bit of a boor, certainly not the biggest fan of all this modern art and highbrow architecture, there’s a recent trend in “modern” home design that really gets my goat! The exploitation of the noble shipping container for the purposes of what some people would call “innovative” home design. I say exploitation – “mutilation” would probably be a more fitting word.

Just look at this.

Shipping container abomination

Now I’m as big a fan of Sweden as anybody else – meatballs, Abba, Ikea – all that stuff is great. But this Swedish attack on the conventional really has gone a step too far with this latest foray into the world of shipping containers. Thanks to a customer after container hire in Suffolk for this image by the way. Certainly, unlike perhaps Stockholm, you are unlikely to encounter this kind of housing development in Ipswich!

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