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container hire liverpool customer nervous about thursdays big game

27 Jul 2010

I mean, normally you wouldn’t think of Liverpool versus Rabotnicki as a big game. That’s true. The Republic of Macedonia side are minnows even in their own country – not the sort of stuff to make the world-beating Anfield boys nervous. But this Thursday’s game in Macedonia’s capital Skopje might just mark the first potential little roadbump for new Reds manager Roy Hodgson.

So what’s this got to do with container hire then? Well, in fairness, not a lot. But we do like to keep our container hiring community abreast of what’s going on elsewhere in the container hire world. Up in Merseyside, as a jocular customer after container hire Liverpool mentioned on the phone this morning, there are a few football fans whose minds may be on more than just container hire come Thursday morning…

This is not Anfield

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